Art Advising

Esthella Provas & Associates has truly unparalleled access to contemporary and modern art in the primary and secondary market. Whatever your interest, popular or obscure, we can procure it for you. As a firm we have experience consulting for museums, corporations, investors, and collectors big and small. Esthella Provas & Associates is responsible for helping create and continuing to consult and curate one of the largest collections worldwide, the Jumex Foundation, along with various collections both abroad and in the US.

Home Staging

Our comprehensive services include lending contemporary art for home staging and various real estate projects. With our staging services, we provide access to emerging, mid-career and established blue-chip artists to transform your home with art for marketing purposes and to create excitement for the potential buyers of your home. We work closely with the top real estate agents in Los Angeles in order to find the perfect art to compliment the style of each particular home.

Curatorial Services

Another aspect to our advisory services includes curating for special events, art auctions, exhibitions, and public projects.

Fine Art Appraising

Interested in selling your art? Esthella Provas & Associates offers market sales appraisals that can tell you how much your art will sell for in the current market and will identify the most likely buyers for your art. Additionally, appraising services can be used for insurance purposes and estate planning.

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